The COPT.CENTRE at the University of Cologne understands itself as
central entity for organic electronics in North Rhine Westphalia at the
interface of science and industry. It is one of the three centers for
organic electronics in Germany.

Located at the border of the city center of cologne in the direct
innovative environment of the University of Cologne, it has a very close
connection to COPT.NRW (an active network of companies and institutes
within the area of organic electronics). As a ZIEL 2 supported project its
main goal is the development and application of this future technology.


COPT.CENTRE-Flyer as download: english (PDF) | german (PDF)

News & Dates

Erster Kreativworkshop des COPT Zentrums und der IHK Köln


Synergien bei gedruckter und organischer Elektronik: IVAM und COPT Zentrum schließen „Memorandum of Understanding“


“PeroBOOST” project researches development of solar cells from perovskites

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